Founded in 1987, ARTTIC is the leading European group providing consultancy and management services to international technology-related partnerships. ARTTIC is highly specialized and provides exclusively services related to the set-up and management of European R&D collaborations, and only in the specific sectors where its consultants have valuable expertise: IT, telecommunications, transports, education, health, bio-technologies, automotive industry, aeronautics, industrial technologies, new materials and microelectronics.

Role in the project (Degree):

  • Project Office Manager
  • Project Strategy
  • Quality Control
  • Coordination
  • Financial and Administrative Co-ordination

Contact sheet:

Name: ARTTIC Israel

Activity:  Consultancy and management services, international technology-related partnerships, European R&D collaborations.

Number of employees:  40

Country:  Israel

Post address:

  • 5 Shoham St.Paz Tower,11th floor Ramat Gan, 52521


Fax numbers:

  • +972 3-753-4489

Telephone numbers:

  • +972-3-753-4488 (ext. 1)

Contact persons:

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