Everis is a leading international provider of management consulting and information technology services to businesses, industrial and public entities. It began operating in Spain in 1996 on the initiative of a group of professionals interested in establishing a differentiated business model that would allow them to develop "the best company for the very finest professionals".

Following the opening of offices in Madrid, Barcelona and Seville, the company embarked on an international expansion strategy, establishing a geographical region that encompassed countries throughout Europe and Latin America. Everis has offices in, Lisbon, Milan, Rome, Bogota, Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo, Santiago de Chile, Rio de Janeiro and Mexico D. F.

In 1998 the QUALITAS division was set up in order to expand Everis' initial offer. It provides IT development, system maintenance and outsourcing services and is staffed by highly specialised and skilled professionals.

Everis has experience and expertise in management consulting and emerging technologies. With the ability to engineer solutions and Macroscope™ as a highly-rated and proven methodology suite, Everis offers the reliability organisations need during these times of change. The integrated business solutions incorporate industry know-how, expertise in business transformation, and proven approaches to change management. National and European business solution centres and practices focused on EE/VE, supply chain management and industry already exist.

Everis' services span all over the organisation’s core business and IT management processes. The Benefits Realisation Approach lies at the heart of many Everis solutions, ensuring that investments and projects are evaluated and deployed with a solid link to business benefits.

Role in the project (Degree):

  • Project coordination (high).
  • Conception and design of the C2R-SME Framework (medium).
  • Conception and development of the C2R-SME Methodology (medium).
  • Design and development of the C2R-SME Toolset (high).
  • Overall project management (high).

Contact sheet:

Name: Everis

Activity Type: IND

Activity:  Management and IT Consulting

Number of employees /Turnover:  S7/ T3

Country:  Spain, Italy, Germany, Portugal

Post address:

  • Edificio Cuzco IV

    Paseo de la Castellana, 141-9

    Madrid 28046, España

Fax number:

  • +34 915679400

Telephone number:

  • +34 915679400

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