Motorola Israel Ltd. (MIL) was established in 1964 as a wholly owned subsidiary of Motorola Inc., a US-based multinational electronics corporation with a 2005 sales turnover of $36.8 billion.

MIL is one of Israel's leading telecommunication companies and has enjoyed continuous financial growth. In 2005, the sales turnover was $820 million, including exports of $362 million.

MIL is comprised of several business groups and subsidiaries that are actively involved in developing and manufacturing its parent company's communication components, products, systems and networks, as well as marketing, selling and servicing all Motorola products.

Next-to-Core Solutions (N2CS) Division provides its customers with customized solutions complementary to Motorola's standard platforms. The division has global business responsibility for its products - in the fields of marketing, development, manufacturing and service. The division's main products are fixed car installation cellular telephones ("Spirit"); cellular OEM modules in GSM/GPRS and CDMA technologies for data and voice communications (applications for these products are common in the automotive industry, and wherever data is required to be transmitted from a machine over a cellular network); location-based systems employing GPS and GSM/GPRS technology for applications such as fleet management; and a range of military products, electronic fuses, radar systems, and more. The division has unique and worldwide expertise in these products.

Role in the project (Degree):

  • Project coordinator
  • In Car System WP Leader
  • In Car System Architectural Design (High)
  • In Car System Development and Integration (High)
  • In Car System Lab Testing (High)
  • V2V System development (Low)
  • Application Layer Development (Low)

Contact sheet:

Name: Motorola Israel

Activity:  Integrated communications products and systems, mobile and stationary, wireless and line-based, for all market sectors - government, institutional, business and home.

Number of employees:  4100

Country:  Israel

Post address:

  • 3 Kremenetski St.,

    Tel Aviv 67899


Fax number:

  • +972 3-565-9554

Telephone number:

  • +972-3-5658888

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