Peugeot CitroŽn Automobile (France)

Peugeot CitroŽn Automobile (PCA) is a global automotive group. A company with significant technological, industrial, financial and commercial activities, PCA draws its strength from its two volume brands, Peugeot and CitroŽn, as well as from the skills of 207,200 employees worldwide, and its stable shareholder base. PCA sold 3,375,000 vehicles in 2004, an increase of 2.7% on the previous year, against the backdrop of a stable French market and the many promotional offerings on the European market. PCA is continuing to pursue growth, primarily through the extensive renewal of its vehicle ranges. The Group will continue to innovate, design and manufacture vehicles on a daily basis in order to meet the needs of customers worldwide, and to make the Peugeot and CitroŽn brand names synonymous with progress. The following members of the Innovation and Quality Department / Navigation, Communication and Multimedia, will participate in COM2REACT.