Sphericon Ltd. (SPR) was founded in 2000 as a start-up company set to develop and market state-of-the-art solutions for driver-assist and vehicle safety systems. The company is located in rustic Bnai Zion, a twenty minutes drive north of Tel-Aviv, Israel. Its 220 square meters (2400 square feet) facility includes a unique driving simulator laboratory, integration workshop and personnel offices.

Sphericon has created a strong team of seven professionals with expertise in technology and business development. The technological team areas of specialty cover algorithm development, signal processing and analysis, electronics, mechanics and system dynamics.

Sphericon's breakthrough technology and present major project is DAISY - Driver Alertness Indication System. Having completed successfully the feasibility confirmation stage of the DAISY development program, the company is currently carrying out the development of a functional prototype and the preparation of a demonstration. Sponsors of those programs include the US National Academies of Sciences, General Motors and the Government of Israel (the Ministry of science and Technology and the Ministry of Transportation).

Role in the project (Degree):

  • Sphericon will provide sensors, based on DAISY technology, to monitor the alertness of drivers of the COM2REACT test vehicles. These driver-sensors are part of the in-vehicle COM2REACT system.

Contact sheet:

Name: Sphericon

Activity Type: IND

Activity:  R&D, manufacturing and marketing

Number of employees /Turnover:  7 employees

Country: Israel

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  • P. O. Box 427

    Bnai Zion 60910


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  • +972 9 7445067

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  • +972 9 7445066

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