TUM, Technische Universitaet Muenchen, is a leading University in Germany in the fields of technology oriented research. It was founded in 1868 by the King Ludwig II of Bavaria and nowadays counts 20.000 students and 4.500 scientific personnel. TUM cooperates with 120 partner universities around the world. It is also close-partnered with private economy and industry.

TUM has 12 faculties, under which the faculty of Civil Engineering and Geodetics, including the Institute of Transportation. The Institute of Transportation consists of four units:

  • Chair of Traffic Engineering and Control.
  • Chair of Design and Construction for Road, Rail and Airfield.
  • Road Research Laboratory.
  • Department of Land-Use and Urban Planning.

Currently around 40 persons are employed at these four units, mainly with a scientific qualification from engineering, informatics, and mathematics. The institute is jointly managed by 3 full professors.

Within COM2REACT the Chair of Traffic Engineering and Control (Lehrstuhl fuer Verkehrstechnik, VT) is the cooperating partner. The Chair was founded in January 2003 by merging the former institutes for Traffic and Town Planning with Traffic Technology. The knowledge of the two former institutes has been combined with special focus on control and management of both private and public transport. Lecturing and research is concerned with methods and technologies for detection, modelling and controlling of traffic in space and time and with the design and operation of multi-modal Intelligent Transportation Systems. The former institutes and now the chair has been and is involved with a large number of national and European research programs as well as consulting and planning projects for local, regional, national and international authorities. Sponsors of the chair's research are German and EC ministries, cities and local authorities, consultants and large automotive and infrastructure industries.

Role in the project (Degree):

  • Definition of models and methods that run as a part of the VSCs.
  • Development of models that identify and predict accidental risks.
  • Development of models for environmental and road condition prediction.
  • Concept for a traffic control management.
  • Evaluation of the COM2REACT effects on traffic safety and quality.

Contact sheet:

Name: VT-TUM

Activity:  Research activities and model development

Number of employees /Turnover:  20/-

Country: Germany

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  • Lehrstuhl fuer Verkehrstechnik

    Technische Universität Muenchen

    Arcisstraße 21

    80333 Muenchen, Germany

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  • +49 (0)89 289 22333

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  • +49 (0)89 289 23827

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